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We Sell Golden Technologies Lift Chairs

              Golden Tech CapriGolden MonarchGolden Comforter

Golden Technologies                       Golden Technologies                          Golden Technologies
Capri                                                 Monarch                                             Comforter
$699.00                                             $799.00                                              Ex-Sm, Small, Med $899.00

          Lg $949.00      Tall $999.00

          Signature     CambridgeComorter Change

Golden Technologies                    Golden Technologies                              Golden Technologies
Relaxer                                          Cambridge                                             Comforter Double Wide
$1199.00                                        $1249.00                                      Starting at $1399.00     Super Wide $2799.00

Golden Technologies                           Golden Technologies                     Golden Technologies             Golden Technologies                   Golden Technologies
Monarch Plus                                        Winston                                         Transfer Chair                         Regal                                           Space Saver
$849.99                                                $1299.00                                        $999.00                                  $1299.00                                       $1249.00


Maxi Comfort Available in Certain Models