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Information Links

Assist Home Care, Inc. does not have any affiliation with any of the links on this page whether monetary or otherwise.

The links provided are for your reference only and Assist Home Care, Inc. is not responsible for the content provided on any of the informational links provided on this web page.

American Public Health Association

CHIP Program for Kids in Pennsylvania

Medicare Website

National Center on Elderly Abuse

Pennsylvania Department Of Aging

Pennsylvania Department of Health

Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare

Personal Assistance Services in Pennsylvania

Reporting Insurance Fraud

Report Welfare Fraud in Pennsylvania


The information on this page is for consumer reference and  protection.

Assist Home Care is committed to provide quality services and equipment to our community as well in assisting if you suspect fraud or abuse.

In an effort to help the community be better protected and informed, we have provided the links on this page to assist you in acquiring information on federal, state and local agencies that may provide assistance to you.

Please keep in mind that fraud and abuse effects us all and drives insurance, federal, and state funded programs costs up dramatically.